For Honor: Check Out These Cool, Clever & Crude Custom Emblems

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In For Honor, you fight for your chosen faction — Knights, Vikings, or Samurai — and your choice plays out in an all-encompassing online war as these three armies duke it out for territory. The battles never stop, and fans of For Honor can creature special custom emblems in-game to show off your pride… and maybe your artistic skills. Plenty of players are already digging into these expansive For Honor custom emblem options, and the shields so far have been plenty clever.

It’s only been a handful (or two) of hours since release, but we’ve already found emblems designed to match Captain America, Assassin’s Creed, The Legend of Zelda, and (of course) dicks. So, so many dicks. We’ll try to save the NSFW content for the bottom of the page. For now, let’s dig into some of the coolest custom emblem designs we’ve found so far.

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[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more cool emblems as we find them!]


So far, we’ve already got a great selection of game (and comic!) inspired custom emblems. Starting with the simple Tri-Force of Legend of Zelda fame, the design is basic but the look is spot-on. For a more complex emblem, someone has built the symbol of the Assassins — an ancient secret society that’s at constant war with the Templars, perfect for opponents of the Knights faction.

Then, we have Captain America’s shield, adding some good ol’ fashioned patriotism to the fantasy warfare. The N7 logo, straight out of the Mass Effect series, adds a sci-fi edge to these fantasy shield designs. There are tons of fun custom options already, and if you’re feeling artistic, this is a pretty cool way to show off your design sense.

And yeah, we did promise some dick emblems, didn’t we? Okay. Here we go. NSFW WARNING… kinda. Sorta? Let’s just be safe.